The Finnish Colour Association’s Iiris Prize 2019 was awarded on 21st March to cinematographer and colour grader Pentti Keskimäki. The ever greater role of the colour grader as a creative author of the visual appearance of a film remains without due recognition. At the same time Pentti Keskimäki has worked unflinchingly and productively for over two decades towards raising the visual quality of Finnish films closer to an international level. As an important pioneer in his own field in Finland, Keskimäki has researched various techniques in colour grading. He has collaborated with cinematographers and other film professionals in order to draw attention to the potential of colour grading as part of the creative process of film making. Keskimäki’s professional portfolio includes over 80 film productions in which he has been involved as a cinematographer, colour grader or in other duties. In addition, he has collaborated closely in carrying out various tests and educational events, has actively guided both young and experienced film makers and has forged an impressive career of his own as a colour grader.

Palkinnon saaja Pentti Keskimäki ja SVY:n puheenjohtaja Saara Pyykkö

Pentti Keskimäki and SVY:s President Saara Pyykkö

The Iiris certificate was handed over to Pentti Keskimäki at the Colour, colour – seminar on Saturday 6th April in the National Audiovisual Institute’s cinema, Kino Regina, which is situated in the new Oodi Library building in central Helsinki. The seminar was organised by the National Audiovisual Institute and the Film and Scenography department of Aalto University. The seminar’s themes were the significance of colour and the development of colour techniques in cinema. After the seminar there was a screening of two rare colour films: The Great Sacrifice (Opfergang), directed by by Veit Harlan (Germany, 1944) and Swan Lake by Apollinari Dudko (USSR, 1968).

The Iiris Prize

AIC international Colour Association has proposed that the Spring Equinox (21st March) should be celebrated as International Colour Day. The idea is to celebrate colour, to draw attention to it as a phenomenon uniting mankind and to highlight events and achievements associated with colour.

The Finnish Colour Association’s Iiris Prize is awarded annually on 21st March to a person or persons whose work or deed has created an outstanding colour experience or has noticeably improved the aesthetic appreciation, functionality or safety of people’s daily lives or environment. The work can involve fine art, design, architecture or environmental design or for example colour technologies such as photography, colorimetry or the printing process.