AIC international Colour Association has proposed that the Spring Equinox (21st March) should be celebrated as International Colour Day. The idea is to celebrate colour, to draw attention to it as a phenomenon uniting mankind and to highlight events and achievements associated with colour. 

The Finnish Colour Association has since 2005 awarded its Iiris Prize on 21st March to a person or persons whose work or deed has created an outstanding colour experience or has noticeably improved the aesthetic appreciation, functionality or safety of environments or people’s daily lives, or who with their research have significantly advanced knowledge about colour. 

The spring equinox was chosen as International Color Day for its symbolism: it is a date which unites the world astronomically, when day and night are of equal length in every part of the globe. For the Finns and for everyone in the northern hemisphere it also marks the lengthening of daylight time over night, the triumph of light over darkness. Just now only two colours, blue and yellow, are in our minds, and why the Finnish Colour Association celebrates international Color Day by donating the money reserved for the Iiris Prize ceremony to the Finnish Red Cross to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. 

Join us in helping to make light prevail over darkness by donating to the International Red Cross:

Executive Committee of the Finnish Colour Association/Suomen väriyhdistys SVY ry