2017 AIC 13h Congress, Jeju, Korea

Date: 16 – 20 October 2017
Venue: International Convention Center Jeju
Organizer: Korea Society of Color Studies
Info: www.color.or.kr

2015 AIC Midterm Meeting, Tokyo, Japan

Theme: Color and Image
Date: May 2015
Organizer: The Color Science Association of Japan
Info: www.soc.nii.ac.jp/color

2014 AIC Interim Meeting, Oaxaca City, Mexico

Theme: Colors, culture and identity: past, present and future
Date: 29 October – 1 November 2014
Organizer: The Mexican Color Researchers
Association (AMEXINC)
Info: www.amexinc.org.mx

Mexico invites the entire world to this conference to share knowledge and experiences in psychology,  sociology, history, anthropology, restoration, natural pigments, design, art and  all disciplines to understand the relationship between colours,  local/global culture and identity. 


Date: 8- 12 July 2013
Venue: The Sage Gateshead
Organizer: The Colour Group of Great Britain
Info: www.aic2013.org
Contact: info@aic2013.org

The Colour Group (Great Britain) is  pleased to invite you to north-east  England for the 12th Congress of the  AIC. The theme will be Bringing  Colour to Life. The spectacular venue will be The Sage  Gateshead,  designed by Lord Norman Foster and located on  the south bank of the River Tyne, by the city of Newcastle.