AIC Midterm Meeting 2019, Color and Landscape

14-17 October 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Call for papers

You are invited to participate and submit abstracts related to “Color and Landscape”. The theme covers different aspects of the landscape, including visions, constructions and configurations. The concept of landscape has a double existence: the observer and what is observed. It can be thought of as having natural and social configurations; a product of actions and interactions of nature and humans; a perception by a social group and individuals. The landscape has an objective and subjective character; it is a social and cultural construction, a visual reality and a mental image, a transformation from the idea of terrestrial surface to that of identity in a society. Color and landscape can be described, written, perceived, drawn, painted, remembered, lived, walked, traveled, thought of, colored, represented, prefigured, created, designed, inhabited, symbolized, transformed … from literary, physical, pictorial, cultural, patrimonial, archaeological, anthropological, psychological, historical, philosophical, aesthetic, sociological, geographical, topographic, or epistemological points of view, among others.

Submissions will be accepted in any of these orientative fields and topics:

Fields Topics
Landscape design


Lighting design

Urban planning










Color in urban landscapes

Color in urban furniture

Color in urban trees

Color in transportation

Color in natural landscapes

Color in virtual landscapes

Color and cultural landscapes

Color in industrial landscapes

Color identity & color heritage

Color and tourism

Color descriptions in literature

Color in landscape painting

Color and urban art

Crop detection by color

Color in aerial photography

Color in satellite images

Color in geography

Color coding in maps

Digital color

Color under the sea

Color changes according to season

Color changes according to latitude

Color changes along day and night

Color in horticulture and gardening

Color of flowers

Color of the sky

AIC Study groups
Language of color

Arts and design

Color education

Environmental color design

Color vision & psychophysics


Submission procedure

See the details and steps for submission at:

The selection and peer reviewing of abstracts are carried out by the international scientific committee: