SVY:n hallituksen varajäsen Ilona Huolman, SVY:n puheenjohtaja Sini Vihman ja Iiris-palkinnon saaja taidemalari Carolus Enckell

Deputy member of FCA board Ilona Huolman, President of FCA Sini Vihma and Carolus Enckell at the award ceremony which was held in the Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere, Finland.


After the award ceremony Carolus Enckell spoke about his art and guided the audience through his retrospective exhibition.

Painter Carolus Enckell was recognised for his life-long work with colour

The Finnish Colour Association celebrated AIC’s International Colour Day by awarding ithe Iiris Prize to the painter Carolus Enckell for his profound and lifelong investigative, creative and pedagogic work with colour. Enckell received the award amidst his retrospective exhibition, ongoing until 15th May 2016 in the Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere, Finland.

In Caolus Enckell’s art a personal and experience-based relationship to colour has continued throughout his decades-long career. He has investigated and used colour in his work from diverse viewpoints: as a perceptual and sensory experience as well as a mythical and symbolic phenomenon. Through his teaching work Enckell has disseminated knowledge and awareness of colour to students of art ever since the 1970s. The Free Art School (Vapaa taidekoulu) published a Finnish translation of Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color in 1978 and Carolus Enckell was a member of the edition’s editorial board. During Enckell’s terms as rector and professor in the Free Art School Albers’s pedagogical method was applied to the school’s colour teaching, and Albers’s method is still used widely in colour teaching in art and design schools throughout Finland.

Carolus Enckell: Hon, 2010, gouache on paper, 30 x 19 cm, Photo: Patrik Rastenberg © Galerie Forsblom


Carolus Enckell (born 1945) is an internationally recognised Finnish painter. Enckell studied in the Free Art School (Vapaa taidekoulu) in Helsinki, Finland during 1966–69. He has held one-man shows in Finland and abroad since 1973, among other places at Galerie Artek, Galerie Forsblom, the Helsinki Kunsthalle and the Jack Tilton Gallery in New York.

He has also participated in several group shows in Nordic Museums and he is represented in the collections of numerous foundations and museums in the Nordic countries. Enckell has also created several public artworks in Finland and Sweden, among them murals for the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm and for Jyväskylä University in Finland as well as altarpieces and stained glass windows for Finnish churches. He has received several prizes and awards, including the Pro Finlandia medal in 2009 and the Carnegie Art Award in 2001. Enckell has forged an important career as an art pedagogue in the Free Art School in Helsinki during 1970–84, acting as its rector during 1988–95. He has taught also at the Art Academy in Oslo during 1983–85, The Gothenburg Art University during 1986–91 and the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm during 1996–97. Enckell was editor-in-chief of the Finnish Taide art magazine during 1984–1990.

Carolus Enckell kuva: © Jussi Tiainen

Carolus Enckell kuva: © Jussi Tiainen












The Finnish Colour Association’s Iiris Prize can be given to a work or deed involving colour that has noticeably improved aesthetic appreciation, functionality or safety in people’s environment and daily life. The work can involve fine art, design, architecture or environmental design or for example colour technologies such as the printing industry.