The Finnish Colour Association’s Iiris 2018 was awarded to Leif Wikgren, Sales Manager at Oy Mitaten Finland Ab, for his long career in the measurement of colour and light. Colour and light have meant much more than just an employment for Leif Wikgren. During his long career he has transferred knowledge about colorimetry, photometry and measurement of surface quality to countless clients, students and professionals in Finland and the Nordic countries. Leif Wikgren worked first for some ten years under various companies in the photography business until in 1994 he founded together with Peter Korhonen Oy Mitaten Finland Ab. Leif Wikgren’s expertise has been called upon in many ways. He is a founding member of Suomen väriyhdistys, The Finnish Colour Association, and was instrumental in creating a modern colorimetric definition for the colours of the Finnish national flag. In recent years Leif Wikgren has devoted himself to disseminating information about the interaction of colour and illumination.

FCA's Vice Chairman Harald Arnkil and Leif Wikgren

FCA’s Vice President Harald Arnkil and Leif Wikgren

The Iiris Prize

AIC international Colour Association has proposed that the Spring Equinox (21st March) should be celebrated as International Colour Day. The idea is to celebrate colour, to draw attention to it as a phenomenon uniting mankind and to highlight events and achievements associated with colour.

The Finnish Colour Association’s Iiris Prize is awarded annually on 21st March to a person or persons whose work or deed has created an outstanding colour experience or has noticeably improved the aesthetic appreciation, functionality or safety of people’s daily lives or environment. The work can involve fine art, design, architecture or environmental design or for example colour technologies such as photography, colorimetry or the printing process.

Leif Wikgren

Leif Wikgren